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January 2020


By Brad Micallef, President and Managing Director & President

myPV IQ has always had a roadmap to offer a means of aggregating portfolios of Facility data into cloud-based dashboards, but the development focus has been to ensure the Facility-local software was reliable and secure first.

The screenshot above illustrates our first BETA of the myPV Portal cloud platform, aggregating fifteen Facilities into a single dashboard.

The myPV Portal takes a fundamentally different approach than similar commercial offerings. Each myPV IQ Facility-local installation performs all device polling, data normalization, and analysis at the Facility. This removes the burden for moving all raw data to the cloud before processing and storing it. This approach also prevents the need for the myPV Portal infrastructure to grow with the burden of long term granular data storage.Primary data storage of data remains at the Facility level, where it may be accessed without delay and at full resolution.

The myPV Portal “subscribes” to each myPV IQ Facility-local installation, where data is securely pushed from the local installation to the myPV Portal via secure connection.

The myPV Portal checks for new Facility every few seconds, while the each Facility’s data is summarized and sent every 5 minutes. This approach is extremely efficient to reduce data transfers (and cellular data fees), while providing meaning full operational status for O&M staff and Asset managers.

Stay tuned for updates as we move towards a full public release later this year!

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