myPV El Jefe Motor Operator

Game-Changing Functionality That Adds

Automated Switching For Your Transformer

The El Jefe Motor Operator is specifically designed to be retrofit into new and existing

transformer voltage cabinets to provide safe and reliable remote operation of the LBOR.


Load-Break Operators (LBOR) switches are commonly found in transformers as a means of disconnecting the transformer’s winding from the MV loop feed.

LBOR switches are oil-immersed, rated for tens of thousands of full load current break operations, routinely operated by MV crews using a hot-stick for transformer electrical isolation.

LBOR switches are designed to be operated manually, and to ensure proper operation under a wide variety of operators, use a spring-toggle mechanism to ensure complete and fast switching operation regardless of the switch rotation speed or distance.

LBOR switches are inexpensive, rigged, and available for most distribution class pad-mounted oil-filled power  transformers.


The El Jefe Motor operator may be retrofit inside the primary or secondary voltage compartments to accommodate the existing location of the transformer’s LBOR switch. The El Jefe may be rotated into any orientation to preserve proper voltage clearances and interferences with existing equipment.


  • Push-Button Isolation
    The Motor Operator provides push-button, touch-safe OPEN and CLOSE operation. No PPE required.

  • Low Oil Fault Protection
    The Motor Operator supports automatic-OPEN on low-oil condition for transformers with digital oil gauges built-it.
  • SCADA Monitorable & Operable
    Motor Operator position, cycle count, and cycle speed may be monitored via modbus TCP/IP.

  • Automation LOTO Built-In
    Remote and local automation may be disabled and secured using the rotary-locale LOTO switch for safe maintenance and inspection activities.


Every XFMR. Sync Controller arrives to your facility:

  • As a UL 508a Labeled Controls Solutions
  • UL/NEMA 4X UV Resistant, Non-Metalic Enclosure
  • Corrosion Resistant Stainless-Steel, Plastic, and Aluminum Actuator Components
  • RJ45 10/100BaseT(X) Fast Ethernet Switch
  • Wide Temperature Range Rated Electronics
  • 7Ah Battery Backup for Automation Control
  • SCADA Monitorable via Modbus TCP/IP


The El Jefe Motor Operator is part of the myPV XFMR Sync staggered transformer energization solution. Use each stand-alone, or as a family.

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