myPV EMTR Station

Revenue Grade Metering

Made Easy!

The EMTR Station is a self-contained metering, networking, and battery back-up solution for your facility!

You only need to supply the pole mounted PT & CT set.


Don’t miss a kWh due to improper meter installation.

The EMTR Station arrives to your facility; pre-configured for your network, and pre-configured for your PT and CT cluster.

Simply land your PT & CT umbilical using the color-coded installation guide and you are ready to start commissioning, performance verification, and billing.

The EMTR Station standard configuration includes a SEL-735 Power Quality meter with Basic PQ Event Recording, EIA-232 Port, and Conformal Coated electronics.

REF P/N: 0735AX00921CXXXXXX16102XX

Also, a full 10-pole test switch with shorting blocks is also included for phase verification, calibration, and testing.

Ensure metering success, buy your EMTR Station today!


Every EMTR Station arrives to your facility:

  • As a UL 508a Labeled Controls Solutions
  • UL/NEMA 4X UV Resistant, Non-Metalic Enclosure
  • Self-Powered, Service Power Is Not Required
  • RJ45 10/100BaseT(X) Fast Ethernet Switch
  • Wide Temperature Range Rated Electronics
  • 3Ah Battery Backup for Meter & Networking


Customize your EMTR Station these standard options:

  • Upgrade to a Multimode Fiber Switch (ST or SC)
  • Upgrade to a PoE Secure P2P WIFI Network
  • Replace the standard meter with a:
    • SEL-735 Intermediate or Advanced PQ
    • AccuVim II or Shark 200

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