myPV MET Station

An Intelligent Weather Station

For System Performance Analysis

More than a collection of sensors, the MET Station is an intelligent system that measures environmental sensors in realtime, then calculates fully weather corrected power and energy. We call it a VirtualMeter!


Know and understand what the Facility should be generating.

From the moment the MET Station is installed during construction, it may be used as a useful tool.

The built-in battery backup and LCD screen allows for live viewing of all sensor data, reducing the commissioning process significantly and eliminating the need for special commissioning skill sets.

All sensors are connected using weather-tight NEMA 4X stainless steel keyed radial connectors, eliminating field wiring and ensuring error-free sensor connections.

Whether on battery backup or service power the MET Station’s built-in VirtualMeter calculates the Facility’s instantaneous power as wells accumulated energy, supporting performance analysis, lost energy, and realtime weather adjusted production comparisons.


Irradiance and temperature are the two greatest factors that influence solar module generation; since the MET Station has both, we decided to teach the MET Station about the rest of the Facility too. The result is the VirtualMeter; an incredibly accurate calculation that models the Facility’s expected power and energy export in realtime.


Meteorological sensor requirements vary widely; in sensor specification, breath of measurements, and quantity of connected sensors.

The MET Station is capable of speaking to any modbus TCP/IP compatible sensor, and may be customized at the time of ordering to meet Facility requirements.

From budget conscious essential packages, to full IEC compliment sensor suites, the MET Station is a robust platform to deliver high quality information to support operations and analysis.

Common Sensor Packages:

  • POA Irradiance & Back of Module Temp
  • Add - GHI & Air Temperature
  • Add - Wind Speed & Direction
  • Upgrade - Compact Weather Station
  • Option - Precipitation Measurement
  • Option - Soiling Measurement
  • Option - Albedometers (Direct & Reflection)


The proper installation and operation of a Facility’s weather station is imperative to support commissioning, capacity testing, and performance analysis during commercial operation.

The MET Station has been intentionally designed with features to ensure success.


Every MET Station arrives to your facility:

  • As a UL 508a Labeled Controls Solutions
  • UL/NEMA 4X UV Resistant, Non-Metalic Enclosure
  • Self-Powered, Service Power Is Not Required
  • RJ45 10/100BaseT(X) Fast Ethernet Switch
  • Wide Temperature Range Rated Electronics
  • 7Ah Battery Backup for Logging & Networking


Customize your MET Station these standard options:

  • Upgrade to a Multimode Fiber Switch (ST or SC)
  • Upgrade to a PoE Secure P2P WIFI Network
  • Facility Specific Sensor Suite

Need another customization? Contact us

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