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Comprehensive Operations Support

OMPP is designed to make EPCs & Owner Operators successful at providing complete O&M services without needing to staff up and build an entirely new department to address the requirements of “Operations”.


“Operations” is collectively the activities including:

  • 1. Oversight of generator operating conditions;
  • 2. Identification, prioritization and response to abnormal operating conditions;
  • 3. Planning and scheduling of preventative maintenance activities;
  • 4. Support for field service staff equipment troubleshooting and warranty claim support;
  • 5. Spare parts management and tracking;
  • 6. Utility coordination of switching, isolation, curtailment and visitation requests;
  • 7. All performance and contractual reporting deliverables.

Solar-Ops has developed a highly effective, scalable, and knowledge driven Operations platform consisting of both experienced operators and technical systems that provide round-the-clock generator awareness and performance characterization; supported by business processes that drive maintenance dispatch and scheduling for corrective and preventative maintenance activities.

With OMPP, EPCs can efficiently and cost effectively use existing electrical service staff for response without needing to build a dedicated department. Solar-Ops effectively acts as a turnkey out-source solution for Operations.


“Operations” is more than simply monitoring when a generator is running or receiving alarms.  Not every problem generates and alarm, and not very action is driven by a problem. Experience has shown our operators that every generator is unique. Unique by design, equipment, behavior, and associated ecosystems of support agencies and contractual obligations. 

Identifying the correct response to each situation and making sure the current staff are responding is key to maintenance profitability.

Solar-Ops understands the need for “kiting” maintenance responses with not only the correct parts, but also the correct staff and tools. Kiting a planned and coordinated dispatch for maintenance drastically reduces the number of truck-rolls and also protects your most valuable resource, technician time.

Furthermore, Solar-Ops is a proponent of the “Connected Plant” paradigm; the realization that modern PV solar generators are not only a collection of power system but also a networked collection of computers and sensors. With proper design and planning 7 in 10 common fault conditions may be troubleshoot and resolved remotely, without the need for maintenance dispatching. This ability to troubleshoot and resolve common fault conditions remotely and within minutes of detection ensures uptime and maximizes yields.


You’re only as good as you look on paper, and Solar-Ops understands that your generator Owners expect paperwork to back-up your service offering.  With every OMPP engagement Solar-Ops works with you to adapt, develop, and document the following business artifacts, customizing them for each Owner as required:

  • Safety Program & Policies
  • Facility Operations Manual
  • Equipment Process & Procedures
  • Annual Maintenance Plan

Finally, Solar-Ops operates per your O&M agreement’s requirements to provide:

  • Event Notices & Root Cause Analysis Reports
  • Maintenance Reporting & Tracking
  • Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Reporting

Solar-Ops business platform provides comprehensive monitoring, control, and analysis tools; as well as maintenance workorder management, spare parts management, and even employee time tracking. These systems are all web accessible and are included as part of the OMPP service offering.

Solar-Ops monitoring & control platform is available to both your staff as well as your Owner’s staff; allowing for transparent communication of performance, alarms, and maintenance activities.


Each OMPP engagement is priced on a negotiated dollar per kilowatt DC ($/kWdc) that is applied across your portfolio of projects. Each new project is simply added as an additional fee using the same predictable price structure.

OMPP contracts are structured with 12 month auto-renewing contract terms, allowing EPC’s the flexibility to use Solar-Ops while projects are under management and cancel the service for any reason at the end of the term.  

Where monitoring systems other than myPV IQ is already installed, a mobilization fee is required to enable myPV IQ in parallel to the existing monitoring system. Exact mobilization fees may vary based on the nature of the existing monitoring equipment at each facility.



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